Various - pitch control

Hitters are not left out as they are rated for where they actually hit the ball in the year represented.  Base running, stealing and bunting can be handled by the game engine for the solitaire player as well.

Pitchers throw a variety of pitches, each of which has a slightly different velocity, trajectory, movement, hand position, wrist position and/or arm angle. These variations are introduced to confuse the batter in various ways, and ultimately aid the defensive team in getting the batter or baserunners out . To obtain variety, and therefore enhance defensive baseball strategy, the pitcher manipulates the grip on the ball at the point of release. Variations in the grip cause the seams to "catch" the air differently, thereby changing the trajectory of the ball, making it harder for the batter to hit.

Various - Pitch ControlVarious - Pitch ControlVarious - Pitch ControlVarious - Pitch Control